Immanence Updates and a (Short) Vacation…

The Immanence Team wants to give a huge thank you to all our supporters, whether you are a new reader or a faithful follower. Our blog will be taking an end-of-summer break for the next two weeks – but don’t worry, we’ll be back on Tuesday, September 6 with fresh material and new insights for you to enjoy!

We will feature new weekly blog posts on Tuesdays instead of Fridays starting this fall. Something you especially want to see? Interested in contributing or sharing your ideas? You can email our Blog Coordinator at We’re open to requests and always happy to hear from you.

While we’re taking a short break from the blog, we’ll still be gearing up to launch our first issue in October! The theme is The Mythic Present: How do myths, fairy tales, and legends come back to life?

We’re thrilled to have a beautiful and thought-provoking debut issue planned for you, with myth-inspired selections from poets, performers, scholars, students, astrologers, and artists; with new voices and established elders sharing their perspectives on how these ancient stories show up in our time. Our topics are diverse, ranging from animal rights to ecofeminism, from Star Wars to archetypal astrology, from ongoing mythic performances in Seattle, WA to a stage performance about the Divine Feminine in Australia; we have stories coming from authors across the world and in our own backyard, including our youngest writer who tells the tale of using mythic heroes to persevere while growing up in inner city Los Angeles.

We hope to see you there! You can subscribe to the online journal here – we offer two issues a year at a low price of $20 (with a special rate of $15 for students and adjunct faculty, because some of us are in school too and we understand the struggle).

And before you know it, we’ll be accepting submissions for our Spring 2017 issue

Remember you can sign up for our FREE monthly newsletter here, our way of keeping you updated and sharing short selections on myth and music, astrological readings, myth in everyday life, featured blog posts you may have missed, and contributions from our readers. It will also announce themes for upcoming journals, and give the open submissions dates. We look forward to new voices and new ideas in upcoming issues.  Send us something mythic!

If you haven’t looked at our previous blog posts there are some great ideas there. Take a peek.

Where else can you find us? Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and if you read something you like, don’t be afraid to reach out to us, share your favorite posts or tweets with friends, or recommend us to someone who might need a little more myth in their life …

Thanks again and see you in September!

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