Immanence Now Open for Subscriptions!

Our editorial team is happy to announce that as of March 21, we have opened the subscription feature for Immanence Journal online!

The Spring Equinox seems an auspicious date for this next phase. Midway between the Winter and Summer Solstices, the Spring Equinox often heralds a turning point in the year. As saplings push themselves out of the soil, and opening leaves stretch their way toward the sun, we wake ourselves from winter’s sleep and welcome the arrival of spring, when the longer, lighter days of the season signal a time of renewal, new growth, fresh ideas, and getting projects off the ground and into the world.

Just as the word immanence itself points to a belief that the spiritual world is here on earth and manifests itself in the concrete realities of our material existence, so do we hope that our one-of-a-kind journal will show how myths appear and re-enact themselves in our everyday modern lives. Our tagline “The Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend, and Folktale” shows that we are passionate about exploring the specific applications of these ancient, sacred stories in our personal experiences and contemporary events: Where is myth showing up in our time? What echoes from the past are still resounding? What can we learn from the structures and characters that others may have dismissed as mere fantasy? How can we show how real these fantasies are when it comes to finding greater truth and meaning?

In the words of our founding editor, Craig Chalquist: “Whatever it is that the gods, the monsters, and the magical beasts ultimately represent (can we ever know?), so-called reason has not banished the danger and the magic to a separate, unseen world.  It is here. Now. Immanent. Our journal is here to welcome it in and work with it.” 

So in the spirit of famed hosts Baucis and Philemon, we open our doors to welcome the immanent mythic everyday and invite the re-telling, re-imagining, amplification, and “dreaming forward” (to borrow Jung’s phrase) of ancient stories into modern times and exploring how we see myth manifesting on a personal, local, or even global level.

We invite you to join us! Our first issue is scheduled to appear in an online edition early Fall 2016 – our subscription feature is now available (with a special discounted rate for students and adjunct faculty!)

We are also open for submissions! If you are interested in contributing, you can check out our guidelines here. (Please pay careful attention to our Guidelines for Cultural Consciousness as we strive to treat sacred stories and their cultures of origin with sensitivity and respect.)

You can subscribe to our newsletter for future updates, like our Facebook page to show your support, and of course, stay tuned to our blog as we continue to explore mythic themes unfolding around us!