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Kings of the Vine

I suspect that when Peredur, later called Percival of the Round Table, first met the Fisher King, that he didn’t immediately understand the connection between the unhealing wound in the old King’s groin and the infertile, unwell state of the land all around. Young Peredur hadn’t yet internalized our widespread interconnectedness, didn’t yet quite see […]

Punching Prince Charming

Gilgamesh. Beowulf. Luke Skywalker. Katy Perry. Katy Perry? Yes ma’am! The millennial pop star has a penchant for making particularly mythic music videos to accompany her songs, and in this one she portrays an exemplar “Hero’s Journey”; replete with the Call, Threshold Guardians, Underworld Journey, and a glorious Return. The only major departure from Joseph […]